In Loving Memory of Rio Bronco

  • June 2018
  • Amanda Starbuck

Amanda Starbuck & Rio Bronco 2002.

In loving memory of the horse of a lifetime, and also a family member — Rio Bronco “Bravo” (4/18/94 - 6/1/18). At the height of his 24 years he showed strength and esprit de vivre. And what a run: USA Horse of the year; Canadian Sport Horse of the Year (Cover of USA Equestrian); Two time national grand champion and champion at the National Horse Show; Championship at every major show in the country. Even on his last day with us, Bravo eagerly rode the trails with my mother. He truly changed my path in life and brought me much joy. May his legacy continue through his offspring. We love you, Bravo

In his honor, the main outdoor arena will be named "The Rio Bronco Arena"